Day 15: What does love mean to you?

Love, to me, is one of the most beautiful things someone can feel. Love means growing with one another and accomplishing your dreams together. It is simple like waking up a little earlier to make them breakfast or remembering little things. It does not mean constantly getting physical things for the people you love. Love... Continue Reading →

Day 11: Make up a story

Keep Eating A man and a woman met in school and exceptionally¬†fast they fell for one another. Now the man fell in a very different way than the woman did. Pretty much instantly the man got ahold of the woman's heart. She knew that he had the power to kill her, he just did not... Continue Reading →

Day 8: A teacher who influenced you?

I actually have three teachers that have greatly influenced me. The first one is my third-grade teacher, now as a third grader, she didn't really influence me as much as she did as I grew older. Though in third grade, I do remember seeing pictures of her running in marathons and they really motivated me.... Continue Reading →

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