Day 14: If you could pass positivity off to the world how would you do it?

If I could pass positivity off to the world I would smile to people way more then I do now. As small as a smile is it is a very moving gesture and can change how people are feeling in that moment.

Not only would I smile more to pass positivity to people I would listen more to people. Sometimes people just need a listening ear so that they can get out their frustrations and not only that but some people just need a friend to be able to speak to.

On top of those small actions of positivity, I believe some people just need a hug.

Spreading positivity, I believe, is not as hard as some people think it is. Something as small as a smile can change the way someone’s day is going. It can help the person out in many ways.

I remember one time when I was in high school we had a speaker come in to talk to us. This speaker was a survivor of the Golden Gate Bridge. He had spoken to us about how he wanted to take his own life. The biggest thing that I took away from it was that all he needed was for someone to ask him if he was okay. Something that simple can spread so much positivity to someone and can do something as big as saving their lives.

I believe that people are so afraid to go up to one another anymore and to help. Not just to help, but people are just afraid to walk up to one another and just speak. These days, I believe, more and more people are becoming bitter to other people reaching out to them just to be kind and start a conversation. Some people also take offense to the situation if they are sitting alone and someone comes up to them.

I think it is so sad how we react to each other anymore as human beings. We are very negative creatures and really do not allow one another to bring any positivity into our lives.

I am only one person and I can make a very big change in people’s lives just by a little smile or a friendly ear to listen and if more people started to do simple things like these or even just holding the door or using manners then the world could be a way better place.

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