Day 12: 3 things that you are proud of about your personality.

The first thing that I am proud of about my personality is that I am very easy going. I am not one to really be uptight about a lot of things. It has taken me a couple years to be able to be as easy going as I am now, but it was worth it.

I used to think that if a situation went wrong that it was the end of the world and now when something goes wrong I just look at it and remind myself that the situation could have been worse.

Second is that I am a very positive person. This one also was not always true as someone with anxiety I always think of the absolute worse in every situation so being positive did not always come naturally to me. When I finally got myself to be more positive, life started to become a lot better.

I am not only positive about my outside environment I am also positive within myself. I have learned to love myself by just being more positive toward myself because in all actuality how can someone love themselves if they are always being negative toward themselves? Being positive in any aspect of life can make the situation a little better even if it feels like it is the end of the world at that moment.

The final aspect of my personality that I am proud of is how big my heart is. This is a blessing and curse all in one.

I am proud of it because even after the battles I have been through I am able to say I came out on top because it didn’t completely shut down my heart. I may have had to build up my walls every once in a while, but it didn’t make my heart any smaller.

Having a big heart can sometimes be a curse because many people will try and take advantage of it. I have had many people walk into my life only to tear me down and walk away. I have learned that even though I have a big heart I have to be selfish sometimes and think of only myself. If I get a bad vibe off of someone I will not allow them in my life or to continue being in my life.

Surrounding yourself with beautiful people who can support you and love you even at your worst times are the people that will help you to grow.

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