Day 11: Make up a story

Keep Eating

A man and a woman met in school and exceptionally fast they fell for one another. Now the man fell in a very different way than the woman did.

Pretty much instantly the man got ahold of the woman’s heart. She knew that he had the power to kill her, he just did not know it yet. She could not allow him to have this power over her so she set out on a journey to get his.

She loved this man with every inch of her being, but she knew if she couldn’t get ahold of his heart she would be dead if he ever crushed hers.

One day after what felt like an eternity she finally got ahold of his. She felt a sense of relief knowing that if he ever hurt hers he would have to feel the pain also because his heart was in her hands now.

Things were going well until one day the man took the woman’s heart and crushed it. He took it and smashed it into a million tiny pieces only causing the woman to never be able to heal completely from the damage.

After crawling out of the rubble that was once her heart, the woman had two options to choose from, take his heart and destroy it for what he had done or protect it. The woman decided that the best revenge was to watch him tear his own heart apart.

She decided to protect it only until it was time to give it back and the moment she gave it back she watched him eat his own heart out.

She only laughed and walked away with what was left of her heart and the piece of his that she will never allow him to have back.

Prompt from a Friend
Word Count: 297

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