Day 10: If you could go on a trip tomorrow and money wasn’t an object. Where would you go?

If I could go anywhere tomorrow and money not be an object, I would choose to go backpacking in Indonesia.

I would choose there only because I have seen videos on Bali and it is beautiful and tropical and I would just want to enjoy that experience. Not only Bali but all parts of Indonesia I would want to backpack in.

I really like to choose places that I do not know much about to go to because I like to be able to expose myself to the place more physically. I rather make my own opinion on a place I am going to and not already have much prior knowledge on the place I am going. Having a little bit of prior knowledge is always good, but I don’t want to form a real opinion on the place just yet.

I would choose backpacking because then I can go to many places instead of being stuck in one area for the whole trip. I want to be able to visit small villages and big cities wherever I go. Being able to open up the world to all kinds of culture and areas in different places in the world is really my goal and no matter where I go I want to always be able to bring back that information.

I do not want to just sit on a resort all day and see the same things every day I really want to travel while I am traveling. By that I mean I want to travel in the country that I am traveling too. I don’t want to sit still becauseĀ I do not want to miss anything when I am in a new country.

Prompt from Twitter
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