Day 9: Something that blew your mind this year.

Sometimes you get lucky and find a soul that grooves with yours. ~Unknown

Something that blew my mind this year would have to be what happened over the summer.

It started on June fourth of this summer when I walked into the first day of my job. I saw this girl walk in and I knew by the unspoken vibe I had to be her friend.

Our first day the only words we said to each other was about the walk to another building felt like a field trip. We did not speak again until the second day of training. We sat next to each other and since we were working at a call center we had to role play with the script for calls. Since we were next to each other we were partners and that is when we finally started to talk more.

We became instant friends and by the second week, we were best friends, more like soul sisters. At the end of the second week we went out to eat after work that Friday, we talked, about things only long-term friends would talk about, until closing at the restaurant we were in.

From that day on we were “butt buddies,” wherever one was the other one was close behind. We had people believing that we had been friends years before working there and we just got the job together.

This is so mind-blowing to me because I had never become friends with someone so fast.

Meeting her was the greatest blessing and I am so thankful for someone like her in my life.

She has made me laugh more than I have in years, she gets me even when I don’t understand the way I am feeling sometimes. She has had my back through what I would say has been the craziest summer I have ever had. By the craziest summer I mean I am so surprised she didn’t just leave because she met me at a time that I didn’t even think I completely knew myself yet.

She knows more about me than people I have been friends with for years. I love her so much and know that one day she will be in my wedding. She is my soul sister and I have met no one as incredible as her. She is so level-headed, crazy and fun to be around. She makes even my worst days better. Even if she doesn’t believe it she has taught me so much and helped me keep my cool in times I thought I was just going to explode.

She is one of my biggest fans, I would say biggest, but my mom is on here and we all know moms take the cake on being the biggest fans, hi mom! She was a very big influence when it came to starting a blog and she was my first follower on this, she is probably in shock right now and on the verge of tears reading this. She the greatest friend anyone could ask for.

I knew that from the first moment I saw her and even now that she will be in my life for a very long time and I am so mind-blown that something so amazing could happen so fast.

I love you!

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