Day 8: A teacher who influenced you?

I actually have three teachers that have greatly influenced me.

The first one is my third-grade teacher, now as a third grader, she didn’t really influence me as much as she did as I grew older. Though in third grade, I do remember seeing pictures of her running in marathons and they really motivated me.

We then reconnected in middle school and she helped me through a lot. Middle school is a tough time because of the thing we like to call… PUBERTY! She was my cross country coach at this point and she was a great influence. Helping me to keep going even at the darkest times. She helped me at one time, muster up the courage to talk to my mom about something I was so afraid to. She even came to my house and was there with me while I told her.

Now she is my friend, we are outside of the environment of my teacher and coach, even though she still teaches and coaches me through somethings, we are on a friend stage now. When things get rough I know I can always turn to her and she will be able to guide me in the right direction and help me through it. There are some things that she and I have both been through and I am able to get her opinion on what is the best thing to do because she had been through the same situation at one point.

The second teacher, I had in high school, she was a great influence in high school. We considered ourselves twins because we had the same colored hair, played the same instruments, and even had the same kind of s***** boyfriend in high school.

She really helped me outside of high school because when things went bad with my high school boyfriend I was able to call her and talk to her, considering she had been through something similar and she knew this boy, she was able to give me the advice I needed to move forward in the right direction.

The third one I have talked about plenty of times before and that is my fifth-grade teacher who helped me realize my passion for writing.

These teachers have been great influencers to me and have really helped in guiding me in the direction that was best for me.

Even though I may not stay in contact with some of them I know the ones that I do will always be there to help me through all kinds of situations.

I just want to say thank you so much to the teachers who have helped me and another thank you to all the other teachers who have had great impacts on students.

Prompt from Mom
Word Count: 457

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