Day 4: Do you ever want to get married?

I have been dreaming of getting married since I was in the womb.

I don’t know what it is about marriage, but it really excites me and it always has. The beauty of seeing two people come together in front of family and friends to commit their love for one another has always left me in awe.

When I walk into a wedding space the sound of love songs surrounds me, the sight of smiling faces and happiness all around, because how can anyone be sad on a day like this? It all brings joy to my heart.

Seeing all the time put into the planning and decorations is something I just cannot wait to do myself.

I have always dreamt of having a big, beautiful wedding, something out of a fairytale. I want to have flowers all over the place. I want to write my own vows and I also do not want the families to be split. I want them to all sit together because at the end of the ceremony we will all be family.

I want the reception to be big too. There will be games, a bounce house, and lots of drinks.

At my wedding, everyone should feel welcomed and as if they are apart of the family. I do not want anyone to just be alone the whole time and feel uncomfortable.

I have always dreamt of getting married even though my parent’s wedding did not work out.

I am very excited about the time in between marriage and having kids. The time where you and your husband get to be husband and wife only and not mother and father just yet. Where we can do whatever we want together like get up and travel wherever without having to worry about children.

Finding someone that is worth marrying is a big thing for me because when I get married I want it to be the only time I get married. I will only get married to the guy I believe I will spend the rest of my life with. I want to marry the man that will be there with me through the best and the worst times and not even think about leaving.

Prompt from Pinterest
Word Count: 370

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