Kicking out September a day Early

I am glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. ~ Anne of Green Gables

October is one of my absolutely favorite months. Not only is it my birth month, but also it just has so many fun activities to do and the weather is beautiful.

October is when all the pumpkin favored EVERYTHING comes out. From chapstick to coffees, I am not the biggest fan of pumpkin spice lattes, just so everyone knows. I love pumpkin pie and pumpkin roll.

I remember everytime fall rolled around my grandpa and I would make pumpkin rolls. It was one of my favorite memories with him.

Haunted houses, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and pumpkin carving. I would have to say out of all of those corn mazes are the most enjoyable to me.

I love hayrides too during the cool days while sun is setting.

Let me not forget the apples.

Apple pie and apple dumplings are to die for.

The weather in fall is beautiful it is cooler, but not unbearably cold just yet. You can wear  long pants without dying and long sleeves, but not yet to the point of having to throw on 7 scarves, 3 pairs of socks, 2 jackets, and gloves, to only die of heat indoors and still be cold outdoors.

Fall scents have to be my favorite. Walking into peoples houses and smelling apple or pumpkin all through it gives me a beautiful feeling. The smell just alwasy reminds me of good times.

October is the month where you can be someone different, eat way to much candy, and pee yourself in a haunted house and still be considered socially acceptable and I love that!

I cannot remember a time that October was a bad month for me.

Today is September 30th and I should be saying goodbye to it and maybe writing something to wrap up the month, but why not bring in October a day early.

September was a great month this year, but I am ready to say goodbye.

With my birthday in October I am counting sown the days until I can say goodbye to another year and say hello to a new year.

Birthdays to me are like a cleansing. You can say goodbye to all the mistakes and heartache of the year before now and only keep growing. Everyone always uses the New Year as a cleansing holiday, but I think that birthdays can be used as cleansers too.

So goodbye September and Hello October, I am ready to conquer you.

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