My Experience​: Transferring Schools

Albright to Harrisburg Area Community College, HACC, was one of the biggest, but best changes I have made.

When I left I knew what I was leaving behind, not much.

I knew the minute I stepped foot onto Albright’s campus that I did not belong, but it took me two years to go through with that.

I started out as a Psychology major, then went to Psychology and Business. I thought that was what I wanted to do because I was being told that was what I should do. I was going through my first year as a zombie. I was doing nothing, but studying only to pull at the most a C on exams. I knew that I did not love or even enjoy those majors considering I was not able to get very high grades no matter how much I tried.

On top of not liking my major, I realized I did not enjoy the professors very much. Not all of the professors, but most of them acted as though they did not care. I had some absolutely amazing professors, but some of them I wish to never have any professor like them again.

The biggest part of that college that I did not like was the environment.

The students were rarely polite. A lot of them just did not care about anyone, but themselves.

I remember my freshman year, that was when I realized that many people did not have manors. I would get more and angrier as the day went on because of the number of doors that were shut in my face. It seemed as though many of the students just never learned manors.

The worst instance that I can think of was the one time that I was walking to class and a professor and student. Let me say that again A PROFESSOR and student were walking toward me on the path to the building I was getting too. Well, people with manors would get in a line and let you pass, well not these too. They literally made me walk on the grass because they would not move. That was really the breaking point for me with Albright.

When I decided to leave telling my “friends” was hard. Some of them made me feel bad for MY decision and some were great and it was hard leaving them. The ones that made it hard I realized were never true friends to me and I am glad I did what I wanted to do.

My parents were amazing when it came to me leaving and I appreciate them for it.

When I got to HACC I saw a world of difference.

I started to like what I was studying, the professor loved teaching and they made it so that students could talk to them easier and be able to ask questions better.

When I first got on campus I felt as though I was not going to like it because it is in my area and people from my high school were going to be there. I left my area to get away from people in my high school. I realized fast that I was going to meet some great people.

I am glad I left my first choice to go somewhere else.

If you are feeling as though you do not belong somewhere I would say do what you think is best no matter what other people say this is your life!

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