Dear Mom…

Hey mom. I know I haven’t been the picture perfect child recently, or ever.

I have been thinking a lot lately about writing this and what I want to say.

I have so many things to thank you for…

You have been the biggest influencer to me. You have pushed me to be the best me I can possibly be, you have always done that for me. Pushing me to become a journalist and not listen to what others were saying has been the greatest thing for me. Doing what I want to do and not what other people are telling me to do has brought me so much happiness and you are the one I have to thank for that.

You have really pushed me to become who I am today. I am so much happier and less afraid to conquer life head-on.

Mom, you have shown me not to take s*** from anyone.

When I have fallen, you were always there to pick me up.

When I got my heart broken, you were always there to help pick up all the pieces and put them back together.

When I thought I couldn’t do it anymore, you showed me more and more reasons as to why I should never stop fighting.

I have seen you go through so many ups and downs in life.

I saw you give dad more chances then he ever deserved, only to have your heart severed more times then anyone should ever go through.

I have seen you go through a divorce, only to come out stronger than you were before.

I saw you work your a** off as a single mother for two daughters.

You were working, going to school for your masters, and taking care of us, you did an absolutely amazing job by the way.

You put up with my anxiety when dad left.

Most of all you never left my side.

You taught me what the real meaning of love is and what an independent woman really looks like. You pushed me to be the independent loving woman I am today.

I do not know where I would be without you today.

Honestly, I would probably be doing something I don’t love to do just to make everyone else happy instead of myself. I do not even want to think of the woman I wouldn’t be without you.

You make sure I know how much you love me and how proud of me you are.

You are so caring yet so strong. You will take care of anyone in need of help, but will never allow ANYONE to walk all over you. That is one thing I really admire about you. Also, the way you do not sugar coat any advice you give me, even though most of the time I ignore it and find out the hard way, but you are always there with an “I told you so,” a big warm hug, and kind, encouraging words.

You are an absolutely beautiful woman and I am beyond proud to call you my mother.

I love you to the moon and back, forever and always.

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