Spoken Words

Clayton Jennings is one of the most beautiful speakers I have heard.

I would recommend that everyone see at least one of his videos.

I was in bed last night scrolling through YouTube, like always because no life, when I came across a video titled “Please Don’t Kill Yourself || Spoken Word.” I decided to click on it because why not, it was 2am and I had nothing better to do. What I watched ended up leaving me speechless.

His words were beautiful and the way the words were presented was exquisite.

The second he started speaking tears started to stream down my face and they did not stop until the last word rolled off his tongue.

When I clicked on it I expected to just have a video to watch to help me fall asleep, but I was more awake and emotional when it was over.

In this video, he spoke on suicide. He did not speak on the topic as an outsider looking in, which made the video more meaningful. He spoke from his own experience. Not only in this video, but all the videos I watched on his channel. They were even more touching because a lot of the things he mentioned I, myself, have been through.

Sometimes the thoughts can become relentless and it feels as though you are the only one going through things like this, but to be able to listen to people speak on their own experiences it gives others the sense of being less alone during their times of trouble.

The video that I connected with the most was his video “Dear Anxiety || Spoken Word.”

I have been dealing with anxiety for a long time and many of my loved ones do not know how to handle my emotions sometimes because of the way I overthink on many topics. I have lost many people in my life due to this disease that I have been living with and when I heard him speak on the topic and his experience I did not feel as alone.

When he speaks he is not speaking to a camera he is speaking to the people behind the camera.

Even though he did not cure me of myself his words helped me to realize that I am not alone in any fight that I go through. The way he speaks is not only going to help me but many other people who have the opportunity to watch his videos and listen to his words.

Word Count: 416

What is stronger than the human heart which shatters over and over and still lives. ~rupi kaur

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